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Tania Miller – Chiropractor

Tania Miller studied at McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon for 5 years gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in chiropractic in 2008.  She also trained in acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society at the teaching clinic at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London.  In addition Tania has qualifications in deep tissue massage, and Indian head massage and continues to update her knowledge with at least 30 hours of further training in new skills every year.

Before training as a Chiropractor, Tania ran a successful catering business in Somerset for 6 years with her sister and previous to that has spent many years working in various areas of the hospitality industry.

Tania has a passion for travel and has spent a lot of time travelling around Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  Wildlife and culture is the main interest and Tania prefers to travel in a more basic style to understand how others live rather than 5 star luxury.  South America, Antartica and Galapagos are on the list for future trips plus skiing not conquered yet.  It’s a big world out there and there is still plenty to see!

Tania is also a keen gardener although still a novice and often gains tips from patients.  This also gives her an understanding of those coming to the clinic in pain following a heavy gardening weekend!

Qualifications & Associations

Tania is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) (NO. 3109) as legally required for all chiropractors.

She is also a member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association (MCA) and the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS).

Tania Miller Chiroprator with Fred the friendly skeleton