Gentle, effective pain relief
for back, neck and shoulders




Patient, Helpful and Friendly Manner

“I was recommended to Tania by another McTimoney Chiropractor and cannot recommend her highly enough.  She has really helped me throughout late pregnancy by keeping me nicely aligned.  Her patient, helpful and friendly manner help you to feel relaxed and I trust her implicitly”  RJ

I’m Now Pain-Free

“Tania treated my neck which had been very painful with restricted movement.  Tania helped to release my neck and relax the muscles.  I am now pain free and only pop in for treatment when I feel I need it.  I would recommend Tania to anyone and have already done so.”  KB

Increased Mobility, Amazing Results

“After helping my partner with his back problems Tania worked on mine.  The results were amazing.  I have more mobility than before and I cannot praise her enough.”  AJ

My Back and Associated Problems are Sorted

“Not only as a Chiropractor but even as a good health consultant Tania has helped me understand my back and related structures better.  My back has been sorted out and so have other linked problems.  Even though I have moved to India I ensure I at least make an excuse to visit UK once a year to get a check up.”  RD

Prompt and Helpful Service from Tania

“I have been visiting Tania for a while.  I suffer from back problems and my pain subsides and I make a good recovery after seeing her.  Her service is prompt, always helpful and the treatments work.  I always recommend Tania Miller whenever and wherever possible.”  MY