GDPR / Information Security


At The Chiropractic Health Clinic, we take the security of personal information seriously. All reasonable and feasible security measures are in place.  We cannot accept responsibility for the security of any data processed by other therapists on our premises, or indeed by any third party.  We take all measures possible to respect your confidentiality.

Mrs Tania Miller is responsible for the security and all processing of personal data by The Chiropractic Health Clinic  only.  All enquiries should be directed to Mrs Miller  via the company.


At The Chiropractic Health Clinic, we realise the importance of appropriate security measures for all data we hold, particularly the “personal data” and/or “sensitive personal data” as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998.

We hold data in both manual and electronic formats. Access to all data is restricted to staff who require it to either provide our services and/or company administration.  Backups of electronic data are taken regularly and held offsite.

All data are held as long as they are relevant to our work and/or for the time period prescribed by Statute.  Once the data are no longer relevant to our services for you, they are destroyed by secure means.


At The Chiropractic Health Clinic, we recognise that we collect and process substantive amounts of “personal data” and/or “sensitive personal data” as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998.  We collect and process such data as part of the provision of our services and any associated company administration.  We process all such data in accordance with the GDPR.  Part of our compliance is the registration of the purposes for which we process data with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – the “Notification”.  This Notification is available on the Public Register of Data Controllers at

We may share data with third parties as part of our contracted services and/or if we are required to do so by UK law. We may also share data as part of the company’s administration. Please note that sensitive personal data are only processed as part of our services and to ensure that no harm can come to the individual concerned. We cannot accept liability for any processing conducted by third parties outside our remit.

None of the above affects the individual’s rights of access under the Act.  If you wish to request a copy of the personal data/sensitive personal data that The Chiropractic Health Clinic  may hold on you, please make such a request in writing – email is acceptable.  This request should be directed to Mrs Miller via the Clinic.  Please note that we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee of £10 for this service. Please note that the fee is payable in advance and non-refundable”


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